Hybrid Climate Systems: The Next Big Thing In Air Conditioning

There aren’t many things we can be absolutely sure of in this world, but I am pretty confident when I say that solar power is here to stay. For years, we have seen rapid advances in technology result in manufacturers being able to scale production and drastically reduce costs. This has led to exponential growth in… [Read More]

What Is The Most Undervalued Energy Saving Product On The Market?

Neurio Home Energy Monitoring System

As homeowners battle to regain control over their utility bills, they continue to search for the right package of energy-saving products that will give them the best chance of coming out ahead. There are several choices out there: LED Lighting, two stage HVAC systems, improved attic and wall insulation, and rooftop solar systems to name… [Read More]

The Solar Investment Tax Credit: What You Need To Know

Sun Photo

 The Solar Investment Tax Credit: What You Need To Know There have been several reasons for the huge growth in the U.S. solar industry over the last 13 years.  Technology improvements have drastically reduced production costs. So the solar panels are even better now, and they cost over 60% less than they did in 2005. Solar companies… [Read More]


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