How Solar Power Works

There is no mistaking the fact that you have seen a growing number of homes in the Phoenix Metro area with rooftop solar arrays. And you may have questions about how they work. Solar power is a modern alternative to traditional sources for electricity. It is a type of “clean energy,” which means that it is both renewable and less harmful to the environment than other energy sources. You can enjoy huge cost savings by installing solar power at your residence or business. Contact Innovative Energy Solutions today to learn more about solar power.

Capturing the Sun’s Energy

Though it may seem like a complicated process, converting the sun’s rays to energy is really pretty simple. When sun rays hit the solar panels, they are converted into electricity. At this point, the energy cannot be used in the home  because it is still direct current. All homes and businesses today are powered through alternating current.

Using Energy in Your Home or Business

The direct current that has been generated by the sun is then converted to alternating current through the use of an inverter. Now be used in your home or business. Just like the electricity you use now, this converted solar energy can be used when you plug in a device or flip a switch on or off.

When you install a solar power system at your home or business in, you use less electricity from your local utility company. This can result in significant cost savings. Many solar power customers can reduce their bill by as much as 50% – 60%.  In some cases, it might be possible to bring down your annual electricity bill to nothing more than the monthly connection fees, depending on how your utility company manages the power generated through the solar panels that is sent back to the grid.

Making the Switch to Solar Power

Now that you know how solar power works, you can make an educated decision about your energy usage. Innovative Energy Solutions is available to answer all of your questions and provide you with free solar proposal as part of a complimentary energy consultation. Click the button below to get started on the road to clean energy.