Hybrid Climate Systems

Here in Arizona, it should come as no surprise that at least half of the electricity costs in the summer can be Suntrac 2 SunTracattributed directly to keeping your home cool.  All it takes is comparing your electricity bills from June to September to the rest of the year. The good news is that air conditioning systems are far more efficient than they have been in the past. And now, Innovative Energy Solutions is offering a very unique product that will reduce your cooling costs even more!

The SunTrac Hybrid Climate System incorporates solar technology in a unique way to reduce the workload on your compressor by 25%-40%. This will extend the service life of the system. Most importantly, you will save a significant amount of money, especially during the summer months.

If you are interested in learning more about the SunTrac Hybrid Climate System, contact us and we would be happy to discuss it with you further. And here is one additional incentive. By purchasing a brand new HVAC unit with the SunTrac Hybrid Climate System, you qualify for the 30% federal tax credit. But don’t wait too long! It will drop to 26% in 2020.