Home Energy Monitoring Systems

There is a saying in the energy business that goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Considering how suddenly energy rates can change, knowing when and where you are using the most energy is critical information when deciding what to do to get your rising costs under control.Neurio Home Energy Monitoring System

Innovative Energy Solutions is a proud partner with Neurio, one of the top makers of home energy monitors in the industry. The Neurio monitoring system provides you with energy usage in real time, allowing you to understand when you are using the most throughout the day. It also allows you to set budget targets for each month and shows you whether or not you will be on target based on your most recent consumption trends.

Having an accurate measure of your energy usage is the first step in putting together a plan to save on your utility bill. Making just a few adjustments can result in saving $200 – $300 per year; making the payback period for this device about nine to thirteen months.

The Neurio home energy monitoring system included in any solar array Innovative Energy Solutions offers. And if you are not ready to transition to solar power just yet, that’s okay too. The system can serve as a key piece of your energy management plan. Contact us for a quote today!