Solar Power for Businesses

Solar power for businesses has become increasingly popular all over the world because of its economic and Solar For Businessesenvironmental benefits. Large corporations and small businesses alike enjoy a smaller carbon footprint and reduced dependence on increasingly limited and costly fossil fuels. And here in the desert where the sun is shining 85% of the daylight hours, solar power is practically a no brainer. Innovative Energy Solutions can design a system for your business that will complement your building and meet your unique power needs.

The Future of Corporate Energy

Solar panels are made up of thousands of solar cells, which capture and convert the sun’s power into electricity to power your daily operations. An electrical panel connected with your solar panels creates an alternating current of electricity that you can use – and turn off – as your business demands power.

Today, advances in design and solar technology have opened the door for modern, sleek solar panel fittings that are a far cry from the bulky, often unpleasant-looking solar panels of the past.

A Smarter Source of Power

In addition to cost savings you’ll receive from reducing your dependence on the power company, you may also be eligible for tax breaks and incentives for installing solar power. We finance solar power for businesses of all sizes. You can begin enjoying the benefits of solar right away. Getting started is only a click away.

And through our Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS) offering, businesses that qualify can begin saving money from day one without incurring any additional debt on their balance sheet! Click on Energy Savings as a Service to find out more about this exciting program.